Sustainable Solutions International (SSI) is a privately owned company founded by Professor K.C. Das through the University of Georgia (UGA) Venture Lab Program. SSI’s tech-transfer team works closely with the research laboratory of Professor Das who heads the Biorefining and Carbon Cycling Program.

Global needs and SSI’s mission

Our ambition is driven by the recognition of two Key Concepts:

That the quality of life in society is closely linked with access to energy, and that building our societies solely on non-renewable fossil-fuel based energy is not sustainable. A sustainable solution is the development of bio-based energy that can be generated from biomass and organic waste.

That the increasing resource utilization of a quickly growing world population threatens the carrying capacity of our planet and results in damage to fundamental ecosystems that support our lives. A sustainable solution involves developing and implementing extensive organic waste management for industrial, municipal, and agricultural sectors, converting byproduct streams into bioenergy and value added products while safely assimilating them into the environment.

The SSI team identifies technologies and partners that can contribute towards such solutions, and works with them to develop and deploy commercially available technologies for the global society.

The SSI Team
The SSI team includes Mr. Erik Jarrett, Senior Project Engineer, Mr. Anil Menon, Director and Dr. K.C. Das, Founder and President. Mr. Jarrett leads primary project development and management, Mr. Menon handles Marketing and Product Evangelism and Dr. Das provides strategic guidance to SSI operations.

Mr. Erik Jarrett is trained in biological engineering having obtained a B.S. and M.S. degree in Biological Engineering from the University of Georgia. His research includes working in algal biomass conversion, instrumentation design and development, and determination of degradation kinetics during thermal conversion. He served in the U.S. Peace Corps, working in Uganda between 2009 and 2011 where he provided small business economic development and appropriate information technology support. Most recently he served on an agile development team at E3 Greentech Enterprises creating a home energy and demand response optimization technology. His areas of interest and expertise include biological process engineering, renewable energy technology, control systems and instrumentation, technology transfer, economic development, and organizational planning.


Mr. Anil Menon (Civil engineer) joined hands with Dr.K.C Das (the founder of SSI) in introducing Soil Amendments as part of the company's area of expertise. In the past one of his many experiences would be his partnership to set up a company called 2streams Media Pvt Ltd, which specialized in the production of entertainment, Information, and education software coupled with Incisive Corporate Communication solutions. Apart from his many business ventures, Mr. Menon has a unique scientific temper, which increased his desire to be a part of a bio scientific revolution in changing the world by protecting the environment. This is the base of the strong foundation of his progressive vision for this company. He is a transformational leader with demonstrable results. Among others his focus is now in the process of marketing their products and services in the areas of bio waste management, bio fuels and other similar areas of bio waste recycling.


Dr. K.C. Das is Professor of Biological Engineering at the University of Georgia’s College of Engineering and has over 20 years experience working with biomass related projects. His core expertise is in technology development, process engineering, and technology transfer. His full time position at UGA includes research on biomass conversion for production of biofuels, bioenergy, and bioproducts within an integrated biorefinery. He is the Director of the UGA Biorefining and Carbon Cycling Program.
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