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"Moving innovative technologies in bioenergy and organic waste management from research laboratories to mainstream use"

The SSI team uses solid fundamental science and engineering techniques to develop, evaluate, optimize, and deploy technologies in biomass energy and organic waste management. We strive to reduce costs and increase income for users while generating co-products, reducing carbon footprint, and moving towards greater environmental, economic, and process sustainability.

Development work includes advanced laboratory evaluation, pilot testing, refinement of technology, determination of engineering design parameters, evaluation of long-term performance, and economics relating to the processes.

We also work with clients in a consulting role and as designers of turnkey systems for bioenergy production and organic waste management in the industrial, municipal, and agricultural sectors.

beakers-309864_1280 The increasing resource utilization of a quickly growing world population threatens the carrying capacity of our planet and results in damage to fundamental ecosystems that support our lives. A sustainable solution involves developing and implementing extensive organic waste management for industrial, municipal, and agricultural sectors, converting byproduct streams into bioenergy and value added products while safely assimilating them into the environment.